Hayden Ball

Student, Web Developer and Event Technician





"PiPod" is a system for playing out background music across a number of different venues using Raspberry Pis.

The pis run a number of bash scripts which synchronize music and schedules with a central server. Playlists and schedules can be set up using a web interface, "PiTunes", which was developed using Marionette.JS.


SparkSeat Event Ticketing System

SparkSeat is an event ticketing system with a focus on eTickets. Customers may purchase tickets through an embedable widget or "on the door" with an operator using the box office console.

SparkSeat is API centric, with a Rails based API that is responsible for the allocation of tickets and management of user permissions. It also handles online payments via the Stripe payment gateway.

The box office console is a Marionette.JS based web application that allows box office staff to sell additional tickets “on the door”, make reservations, and print out paper tickets when required.

Customers can then be admitted into a venue using the Apache Cordova based QR scanner which validates tickets and marks them as admitted.

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ImpAmp 2 - 2014

A rewrite of the software used for sound during performances by The Improverts at Bedlam Theatre. The previous version used Flash, while the new version uses modern APIs including IndexedDB and the AppCache. All data stored is synchronized with the server to ensure all copies are up to date.

Users may click on "pads" or push the associated keys to play sound effects and music.

ImpAmp2 Screenshot

FreshAir Radio 2013

The public facing part of the FreshAir website is relatively simple, listing current shows and posts from the radio's various teams.

However, the web app also handles scheduling of shows, organising prerecorded shows (and scheduling these in the playout software) and reporting played tracks for PPL licensing.

During the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the site is re-skinned to act as the site for "FreshFringe". The skinned site is also live all year round at http://fringe.freshair.org.uk.

FreshAir Screenshot

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Bedlam Theatre 2013

Built as part of the BlackLighting Team.

The project BlackLighting team completely rewrote the Bedlam Theatre website, going from a collection of PHP scripts to a Ruby on Rails application.

The application provides the public facing part of the site marketing upcoming shows and workshops at Bedlam Theatre, but also handles show proposals, staffing sign up and other services for members.

Bedlam Theatre Screenshot

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